• Quality of products

    Quality of our products is verified by international quality certificates. We`re watching every stage of manufacturing – from purchasing materials to preparing to ship your order. Our specialists manufacture goods according to international standards and specifications.

  • Terms of delivery

    Regular terms of delivery range from 7 to 10 days. Non-standard orders with custom parameters are an exception. Terms of manufacturing and delivery will be specified by your manager.

  • Product availability

    We are always ready to provide you with any kind of goods in any amount. So, when you are placing an order you can be sure – we`ll deliver everything on time and in full.

  • Pricing

    We are ready to fulfill non-standard orders and tasks in different amount and sizes of specific goods. That`s why we offer flexible pricing and talk about customized working conditions.

  • Certificate ENPlus A1
    Certificate ENPlus A1

    We are proud that our wood pellet products meet the highest quality standards and have received the A1 class certificate from the reputable Holzforschung Austria. This certificate proves that our wood pellets meet the most stringent quality and environmental criteria.

  • The main advantages of certified wood pellets

      Environmental friendliness: Our wood pellets are made from high-quality wood raw materials, taking into account the principles of sustainable forestry. They are a renewable and excellent alternative to traditional energy sources.
      High heat output: Our wood pellets have high heat output and efficiently provide space heating, making them an extremely efficient choice for heating systems.
      Minimum ash and moisture content: Wood pellets of our quality are characterized by low ash and moisture content, which ensures optimal combustion efficiency and burning time.
    We believe that choosing our wood pellets guarantees you an efficient, environmentally friendly and reliable source of heating for your home.